Most searched Keywords:
They Had Ignored The Following at Their Peril

Most searched Keywords are doors to your websites. Get them right if you want to keep your website’s doors opened to visitors and search engines

A Poor Keyword Research is a top 3 reasons why most small e-businesses fail. It Is the result of either ignorance or just lack of serious in their projects

No matter what the case may be, this tutorial should give you all the info that you need to keep your websites’ doors opened by only choosing the most searched keywords related to your website concept, your ideas for business

Newspapers’ writers decide what they want to talk about and choose catching articles’ tittles

But webmasters do not decide what to write about. Yes, they pick their website concept and that’s it. After that, all their pages should depend on their most searched keywords list

A keyword list?...more on that bellow
When to Choose Your Most Searched Keywords
Unsuccessful business men do thing as they go. They do not plan anything in advance, do not make adequate researches prior to start building their business – you should not make such mistakes, they may bury you

After you have decided what your website is going to talk about, you may want to make that stop and make a list of about 100 keywords for your first pages. How do you do that?…tools

There is no way you can figure out by yourself good or bad keywords for your site. People who attempt to do this end up using very general keywords. They work with keywords that thousands of other webmasters are already using, or worst, "keywords" that nobody is searching for

Your top most searched keywords should be used to build your main navigation menu
Number of Occurrences of Keywords in a Page
The number of times that you need to repeat you most searched keywords in your content depends on the length of the page, and also the number of words in your keyword

If your keyword appears to much, search engines could see your page as a spam and penalize it by ranking it at the bottom of their search results

If you do not use enough repetition of that keyword in your content, search engines may not figure out what your pages is talking about, an once again will not rank your page at the top of their results

You need to include just the right amount of keywords in your content. And in order to accomplish this, you will need a content analyzer tool like the one included SBI online suite of tools
How to Place Your Keywords in Your Content
There is a right and wrong way of using your Keywords in your content. But I will just focus on the right way

Most Searched Keywords in META Tags

  • Title Tag: Include you keyword once in your title Tag

  • Description Tag: Include your keyword at least once in your description Tag, but not more than twice

  • Keyword Tag: Include your main keyword once, then a slide variant of it, then 2 more keywords, and finally a general keyword. You should never include more than 5 keywords in your Keywords tag

Most Searched Keywords in Your Content

  • Your first page title : The first title of your web page is the first thing that visitors and search engines see. You should include your most searched keywords as closer to the beginning of the sentence as possible. It should never appear more that 5 words away from the beginning. The fourth place is acceptable, third is good, second is better, first place is the best – search engines love that

  • Other sections titles : Inject your most searched keywords in your subtitles as much as you can. People scan through content. Let them see what they are looking for as soon as possible

  • The first 90 words of you content : It is recommended that you include your most searched keywords at least once within the first 90 words of you content (after your page title), never more than twice

  • The Remaining Content : This is where the most of you keywords go. Make them flow down with your article. Do not let it "pop up" from nowhere

Overpowering the Competition
If you choose general keywords, you will have against you thousands more webmasters who have used the same keywords. This makes it difficult for search engines to rank your pages high in search results

What you should do instead, is to pick the most searched Keywords that have good demands and low supply. This will mean less competition for your

One practice that works well is to choose keywords that have a demand higher than 1000, with a supply less than 1000, for the pages listed in your left navigation (your main pages)

Then, keywords that have over 500 in demands with less than 500 in supply, for pages that are related to your left navigation pages

If you work with these recommendations and use the right amount of keywords in your content, competitors will have hard time overwhelming you. In addition to that, you would never need to spend any money on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) companies
Length of your Most Searched Keywords
The length of your keywords matters. Although it is a reality that short good keywords are getting rare to find, you should try to find the shortest possible keywords for your pages

  • Single word keyword : A single word keyword is ideal, if it has the above required demand and supply recommendations.

  • Two words keywords : A two words keywords is still very good. Example: websites-designing.html

  • Three words keywords :A three words keywords falls drops down to good . Example: target-online-store.html

  • Four words keywords :A four words keywords starts getting rare. However, if it has good demand and very low supply, you should go ahead a build that page. Example: search-engine-optimization-cost.html

  • Five words keywords :A 5 words keywords is very less likely to be used. However, if it has good demand and very low supply and you really have to use it, then go for it. Example: how-to-register-domain-name.html

  • Positive notes: Four and five words keywords can easily be ranked high by search engines if they have good demand a low supply, because people tend not to use them a lot

    If you have some of them, work well on their content and links, and they will help bring a lot of traffic to your sites
Very Very Very Important
Sorry for the repetition. But it is crucial that you do not miss this

Besides the most searched keywords criteria, the second most important thing that search engines use to rank your website is your link building strategy results. How many people link to you(you internal links, you should create a section at the bottom of each page where you link back to the previous page using your most searched keywords. Check out an example at the bottom of this page. (Return from most searched keywords to ZooExit home
Keywords Tools
When chosing your most searched keywords, remember to read the Google Basic search help to see what search engines look for

Below are trusted tools to find most searched keywords. Some of them are free services, but as you may know, free is either not free at all, or simply provides poor value. If your intention is to build a solid business, stay away from online free products/services

The following tools are widely used:

My Recommendation
All the companies listed above have good reputation and I stand behind their products. However, why would you pay for only one of these services when you can get all of them at once, in additions to a dozen more, all at the same place, at a price that may even be less than what one of these companies may charge you

For that reason, I have decided to use SBI , and I strongly recommend you do the same. Feel free to learn more here about sbi online tools first

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