Animals Kept in Zoos
How to Get Out of Human Zoos

Animals kept in zoos have limited mobility, eat whatever they are fed with, live confined within enclosures and have no idea about what is going on in "the external world"

This may sound cruel and offensive, but common Humans are ZOO MEN®, living within the Government, the school system and other organizations' enclosures. Wrong, very Wrong attitude and position in this new era where only people who are flexible and long life learners can have a shot to a wealthy life

Common Humans are just like animals kept in zoos, with two differences however :

1-They have wider and not tangible enclosures

2-They are free to get out, but they have to find the zoo’s exit by themselves
Basically, Human are enclosed within the following zoos:

  • Formal Education System

  • The Government

  • The industrial age economy system mentality

  • Our Cultures (our traditions)

  • and like eBay, Amway, 5Link, etc. are prime examples. More on this at a later time

In general, every organization that dictates your behavior and controls your actions is a ZOO SYSTEM®, and you should find the zoo exit as soon as possible
Formal Education
Education is the best thing you can offer to a person. Formal education teaches you almost everything you need in order to live a normal life

Formal education
           Ordinary Job
              Ordinary Life (work hard, live below your means, buy a house, get out of debt)
                 401(k) and die poor

The problem with this system is that it focuses on teaching people how to become employees. It doesn’t matter how far you take your formal education, the goal is to end up having a higher paying job

Some people interested in business shoot for an MBA (Master in Business Administration), that can allow them to get to the highest cimis in the company (like CEO, President, etc.) and make a lot of money

Even here, just like animals kept in zoos, you are enclosed in an accademic program that teaches how to manage businesses that have been created already

The second problem with formal education system is that it is slow, too slow. It is 1000 miles behind the evolution

For example, the Information Age now rules (bye bye the Industrial Age), still, the school system works with the Industrial Age programs
The formal education system and the Industrial Age have created what I call a ZOO MENTALITY®, and ZOO MEN® (people with that mentality) do not see the metamorphosis of the world economy.

They just trust the system in a point where they do not even pay any attention to their own capabilities
The ZOO MEN® Life
The common citizen, the ZOO MAN®, the guy with little or no real life financial education, has one preoccupation in mind. Get up early to go to work and bring home the baking

The ZOO MAN® never thinks about what's going on in the world. Instead, he does what others are doing, and also what he has been told to do

ZOO MEN® still want to go to school (even if they are 50), get a degree, look for a job, save in the 401(k) retirement plan, even with all its criticisms

If zOO MEN could get out of their ZOO MENTALITY® and become ZOO FREE® (people with real life financial education),

they will notice these simple facts, and ask to themselves :

  • in February 2000, an ounce of gold cost $287. In September 2010 (10 years later), the same ounce of gold cost $1,506

  • in February 2000 a barrel of oil was $26, In September 2010 (10 years later), the same barrel of oil is $90 which is about 260% increase

  • a little before 2009, people have been questioning the 401(k)

  • What about something like MBC (Master in Business Creation)?

  • Why our school system doesn’t teach me how to become a rich man, live a wealthy life, create businesses

  • why they take semesters to teach me “calculus” instead of teaching me how to handle my taxes, which is an important part of my life since a deal with it multiple times a day

  • why do a lot of professors of university live a normal life. How can a "professor of knowledge" be unable to be wealthy? If that higher knowledge was that relevant, how comes he still cannot use it to afford the life style that he wants

  • how are people with very less formal education dominate the world industry like: steve Jobs - founder of Apple, Bill Gates - founder of Microsoft, Mark Zuckerberg - founder of Facebook, Walt Disney - founder of Disney World...etc

  • what are the new "money rules" in the Information Age

And will ask themself the following questions:

  • what is going to happen in 30 years when I retire

  • How much will food cost?

  • how much will my retirement savings worth?

This will make them notice some other facts :

  • Why are highly educated people (formal education) are less and less happy with their salary

  • Why are people with unprecedented computer training succeeding to creating small e-businesses that overpower giants industries?

  • Why huge companies are now shifting over to the internet. Making available million more items online than in their physical stores or warehouses...

  • Why factories are progressively moving their businesses over to cheap wages countries, is the occupation of America coming?Is America losing its world leadership?

  • ...etc

The good news is that, animals kept in zoos do not have options, but there is always a way out of Human zoos:

The zoo exit : A strong financial education. Become a free man

I am not talking about going to school and get Degrees, but I am talking about seeking the right information towards your unique goal. The real life financial education that you can get through various ways :

  • Attending Seminars

  • Reading books

  • Working with Coaches

  • Specialized classes

  • Success/Failure stories

  • Partners (good and bad)

  • Mentors

  • Crooks, liars

  • ...etc

There isn’t a single book, seminar, coach...etc that can give you a complete financial education, and as we already know, there isn’t any academic program that can even get close to it

Financial education is a process that never ends. Animals kept in zoos do not have goals, but you do. If your goal is to build an e-business, then gather the 15 hours minimum knowledge requirement, and start from there, make mistakes, and learn from them

Then keep financially educate yourself about other directions that you may want your business to go

Now you have the key to the successful world, go and start opening those doors. The government wants you to start small businesses, that is the reason why they give taxes incentives to business owners, and increase taxes of people who just save money
The Government
There is no question about it; no country can survive without an entity such as the government to help regulate the economy, social life, laws...etc. But this becomes ugly when the government starts treating its citizen like animals kept in zoos

The problem with the government is that, it has to think about the average citizen needs. It is not a case by case situation. Consequently, some people will get more out of laws and regulations, and others will be penalized

The government (if not corrupted) will decide for the best interest of the entire population. Consequently, if you have a specific need, you are going to find it on your own

ZOO MEN® do not understand that they should not count on governments to be wealthy:

  • World governments are suffocating

  • They have caused the inflation, by printing counterfeit money

  • They are responsible for the actual economic crisis with wrong decisions that have been taken over the years by our PhDs leaders

  • They are responsible for making promises that they cannot satisfy (social security and Medicare for example)

  • They have failed to making sure that citizen receive and education that creates more entrepreneurs (this will create more jobs and minimize unemployment)

But do not be naïve, although they want you to build businesses, the government will not hesitate to take what you make if you give him the opportunity to do so

In order to be ZOO FREE®, you must learn how the government works, about taxes, and how to use it at your advantage.

Once again, the zoo exit is: real life financial education. Become a free man
Our Mentality
ZOO MEN®, just like animals kept in zoos, do not change mentality. The hold on tied to their old believes, their former knowledge. The Information Age runs in a completely different way than the Industrial Age did, but still people do not let go their old mentality.

Some people have not yet realized the economical metamorphosis that has been happening. A lot of them have, but refuse to adapt. Why? Because they do not want to let go the past

They hang on to obsolete practices such as job security, steady paychecks, saving money, 401(k), being debt free...etc

Rather than investing in their money, they buy big houses, expensive cars, but are buried in debts, because they want to impress the neighborhood (I have some experience of that). Animal kept in zoos cannot change, but you can

The zoo exit is: Real life financial education. Learn what you need specifically to build wealth, starting with some home business ideas. Nothing that isn’t necessary – it is not college
Powered by the mentality built during the Industrial Age, some people have been jobless for years and are not doing anything about it. Oh! yes, my bad, they are doing something:

  • They are waiting for the government to solve the economic crises

  • They are waiting for a troubled government to create more jobs

  • They wait impatiently for the mail guy to slide their government unemployment cheque in the mail box every month, etc.

This is not just happening in USA, at least American people are blessed to live under a system that cut cheques to unemployed citizen. What a nice way to keep you in its zoo!

In less fortunate countries (and do have some experience of that), these GOVERNMENT JUNKIES® have a harder time. Most of them are Degrees holders but are treated like animals kept in zoos. Why? - Because they are still waiting for the government to create jobs. They have submitted work applications to hundreds of companies with no positive outcome for the last 3 years. But still, they do not take initiatives

Who to blame

It is hard to put the blame on GOVERNMENT JUNKIES®. Because in reality,

  • They are not responsible if the government had not implemented a school system that teaches them how to become entrepreneurs, instead of an education dedicated to training future employees, future ZOO MAN®

  • They are not responsible if they were born in a society where elders are leaders of the families, even if they are broke, with formal education but no real life financial education

  • They are not responsible if their government have been treated them like animals kept in zoos and did not anticipate an education towards globalization of the world economy

  • They are not responsible if their school systems are still not showing them ways to take advantages of the new world opportunities

You are forgiven if you have been a GOVERNMENT JUNKIE® because the government has been treating you like animals kept in zoos by failing to give you and education towards a wealthy life

But you will not be forgiven if you read this article and do not take action. We believe that internet is new world economy media. This is the reason why we want to get educated about online business, and a good start is to follow this 15 Hours Internet Business Planning Process
Success is in a Different World
Animals kept in zoos never understand this. As long as you keep the ZOO MENTALITY®, you have no chance of success. You have to be free from zoos first

Success in the Information era is reserved to ZOO FREE® citizens, flexible people, life long learners,people with borderless vision, people who are ready to use the new technology to grow their income. You would not succeed in the Information Age unless :

  • You understand that formal education is imperative but not enough

  • You understand that real life financial education is a must

  • You unleash yourself from the ZOO MENTALITY®, an seek Information Age knowledge

  • Understand the new era’s way of making money

In conclusion

Even if we are managed and act like animals kept in zoos, we can get rid of the ZOO MENTALITY®, become ZOO FREE®, and find our way to a wealthy life. What makes you rich is not money, but financial education. In this site, we educate you on how to build a competitive website

Enjoy the ride

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Staying on Course
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The best way to generate them is to keep your Real life Financial Educationby:

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- Reading Business & Finance books (about 2 per month)
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